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Our Instructors

Meet Our Intuitive Movement Team


Andrea Cruwell

Owner | Certified Yoga Instructor

Wild, nature loving, universe honoring, divinely feminine, adoring wife, free spirited, homeschooling mom and newly... entrepreneur! Andrea is a lover of yoga, dancing, painting, hiking, her amazing husband and four beautiful daughters.


Namaste, my name is Andrea Cruwell. Studying and learning are by far my biggest passions in this life. In addition to my wife and mother roles. I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Social Psychology in 2012, became a certified Yoga Instructor (RYT200) in 2015. In 2017 I received a Shamanic Healing/ Energy Healing Diploma and Reiki I & II attunement. 2017 also brought with it an intense self-study in Energy Medicine and personal growth. My most recent adventure has been exploring the natural, primitive and intuitive ways we can heal by moving our bodies. I opened Embrace Movement Studio in 2022 and I am currently pursuing certification in Qigong; an Ancient Chinese healing art.


My teaching style is healing centered and wrapped in teaching self love. I devote my teaching not only to yoga, but to teach the intelligence of the body and nervous system through slowing down and feeling. I think when we approach movement from this perspective, we begin to work with the body rather than against it, and this creates a harmonious relationship that is pleasurable, playful and fun.

Molly Postlewait

Certified Groove Dance Instructor

Molly earned a degree in Park Administration from Missouri State University, she is a professional storyteller and a certified World Groove facilitator. She shares her passion for nature as a park naturalist and has developed programs that combine nature, fitness and wellness. Her classes are lively, energetic and present an opportunity to be creative and have fun!

Growing up in the Missouri Ozarks, Molly now makes her home in Cass County near Cleveland MO

In her free time you might find Molly kayaking, hiking, riding horses or traveling and exploring the world. Molly is excited to bring the joy of movement and music to Embrace.


Chris Tittle

Certified Ashtanga Yoga Instructor

Chris has a passion for sharing the transformative power of Ashtanga yoga with others. With 9 years of experience practicing and teaching yoga as well as 9 years of experience being a massage therapist he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his classes. Chris has been around the world studying with a plethora of Ashtanga teachers most notably Saraswathi Jois in Mysore India.


Chris's teaching style is grounded in a deep respect for the traditional principles of yoga, while also incorporating modern techniques and modifications to make yoga accessible to all levels. He believes that yoga is not just about the physical postures, but also about cultivating mindfulness, self-awareness, and a connection to the present moment through the breath.


When he is not teaching, you can find him drafting real estate contracts, Hanging out with his beloved chickens, or spending time with his wife. Chris is also a dedicated practitioner of meditation and pranayama, and incorporates these practices into his teachings.


Whether you're a seasoned yogi or a beginner looking to start your journey, Chris is here to guide you along the way. Join him on the mat and discover the many benefits of Ashtanga yoga for yourself. Namaste

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