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Benefits of
Somatic Movement


Increased mobility, range of motion & Injury prevention


Stress Resiliency + Recovery


Deepen connection to Intuition and creativity


Relief from tension, pain and mental clutter


Promotes self compassion
and confidence


Heals relationship with the mind + body by restoring self trust.


Awaken your body to a new depth.  In this class we utilize yoga poses, breath work and visualizations to optimize energy (Prana) within the body, mind and spirit.  Prana Yoga reduces stress with slow, gentle movement to revitalize your body, relax your mind and create peace within your spirit.

​Gentle Flow Yoga is a type of Vinyasa style yoga that has been paced down significantly to accommodate slow, safe and deliberate movements. Gentle Flow Yoga is sequenced to link the breath to the movement and adds small, subtle movements in-between postures allowing the student to get through the sequence at their own pace. This creates a safe space to allow the nervous system to stay regulated and for the body to feel leisure and at ease.

Yoga Nourish is a type of passive style yoga that focuses on teaching how to experience self-nourishing in a way that promotes deep relaxation. This class format is a floor-based style of yoga, sequenced to utilize props that hold the body into modified yoga postures for longer periods of time. The instructor gently guides you through relaxation techniques, verbal cues and breathing prompts to help you feel at ease, allowing your body to open, release stress and receive nourishment.

Welcome the amazing physical and mental benefits of yoga in this new way!  Chair yoga is a highly adaptable type of yoga that is perfect for our modern world.  In this class you will learn traditional yoga postures that have been modified to use a chair for additional support.  As well as teaching creative ways to use the chair to welcome more movement into a typically sedentary day.  Simple and easy postures learned in class can be used at home or in the office to bring more regular movement to life.  This gentle, mostly seated practice is an excellent choice for beginners, those with low mobility, recovering from injury, as well as those who sit at a desk for extended periods of time.

Groove is a delicious and creative way to make dance easy, accessible and fun for everyone.  A great mixture of gentle guidance and encouragement to make each movement your own really allows each class to be a personal and unique experience.  Groove creates a space to come together to unite, celebrate, connect, play, heal, and get healthy through dance.  This beginner friendly, upbeat class is primarily focused on how it feels to move. If you can move, you can groove!

This one may be 100% your vibe... or it could feel INCREDIBLY intimidating.  We understand both and have taken this into consideration while formatting this class.  In Body + Dance, we've taken traditional "dance", flipped it on its head and infused Embrace's style, softness and healing into every movement.  This choreographed body positive dance class is focused on the experience of what it feels like to move inside your body and reconnect with your femininity.  Cultivating the space for confidence, self-acceptance and personal empowerment to grow, Body + Dance is a safe space to show up exactly as you are and share authenticity amongst like-minded women on their journeys back to their body.  Think slow, soft, micromovements that nourishes the feminine energy.  This is one you won't want to miss!

Every class begins in stillness meditation, focus is then shifted to moving meditation in the form of yoga.  Moving meditation involves moving slowly, continuously, and purposely while staying aware of the mind, body and breath.  This gentle flow class is designed to support an environment that is soft, quiet and sacred.  Sequences are soothing for the nervous system and formatted to be gentle and routine.  Meditative Yoga Flow is a great way begin your morning with ease or add intention to any part of your day. Students will be most successful if they have the mobility to move from standing -- plank -- standing with relative ease.

Join our Women’s Group Hike at Embrace Movement and experience a mindful and nourishing outdoor adventure. Connect with nature and other like-minded women as we hike and practice moving meditation together. This is the perfect opportunity to focus on your mental and physical well-being while taking in the beauty of the great outdoors.

Bring your personal meditation practice to Embrace Movement where we provide the ideal space, environment, props, and ambiance for you to relax and find your inner peace. There is no instruction during this class, so you can simply come as you are and enjoy the tranquility and calm that surrounds you. Join us for a serene and peaceful meditation experience and enjoy the beautiful space we've created for you. My Meditation is for stillness and is beginner Friendly. It is preferred that students bring their own mats.

Embrace Movement Summer Camp 2024 is full of adventure! Enroll in this 6-class bundle and get a different experience each week! Explore the healing of movement in many ways, from Yoga & Sound Healing, to Forest Bathing, Dance, Qigong and more! Take advantage of the opportunity to unite with your body through movement and meet like-minded individuals in our community. Classes will be held Wednesday's @ 7pm beginning June 12st, 2024 through July 17th, 2024. Space is Limited and will be first come first serve. Each participant will receive a complementary gift at the completion of camp!

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