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Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

Prana Yoga

Where the physical body and energetic body meet

Awaken your body to a new depth.  In this class we utilize yoga poses, breath work and visualizations to optimize energy (Prana) within the body, mind and spirit.  Prana Yoga reduces stress with slow, gentle movement to revitalize your body, relax your mind and create peace within your spirit.

Gentle Flow Yoga

Where mindful movement meets safety

Welcome safety and healing into your mind and body.  In this class we focus on mindfulness by creating a safe space to stay present within the body.  Gentle Flow Yoga promotes comfort and ease using slow, rhythmic movements to soothe the nervous system.  You will leave class feeling more clear, calm and connected.

Yoga Session
Yoga with Props

Restorative Yoga

Where rest and stillness create peace

Embrace a kind of rest sleep can't fix.  This class format is a gentle floor based sequence where we use cozy props and gravity to hold your body in restful postures.  Restorative Yoga emphasizes release and receiving, while promoting deep relaxation by holding a single posture for up to 5 minutes.  This deliberate stillness encourages slowing down, opening your body and soothing your nervous system through passive stretching.