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Embrace 6 Week Sessions

Group Dance

Welcome to Embrace Movement Studio

Be. Move. Heal.

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White Sand and Stone

Our Story

Long before Embrace Movement Studio opened our doors, we began as a dream and a vision for Owner/Founder Andrea Cruwell.  A vision now brought to life, we are a somatic healing studio offering in person yoga and movement classes on the Historic Harrisonville Square.  {The word “somatic” is derived from the Greek word “soma” which means “living body”.  It is a holistic form of healing that is based on the relationship between the mind and the body.}  This body-centric approach works by helping to release stress, tension, emotions and trauma from the body.  Somatic healing incorporates body-oriented modalities such as yoga, dance, breathwork, and meditation to support every aspect of healing.  We are committed to teaching healing through movement and being present with the body, which is the foundation of every class we teach.  We are excited to have you by our side as we grow and we are deeply grateful to be a part of such a warm, welcoming community!

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Embrace Movement Studio

Our Mission

We are humbled that you have been guided to Embrace Movement Studio on your journey toward healing.  Our Mission at Embrace Movement Studio is bringing to life a sanctuary for humanity.  A place where people feel safe to welcome healing into their lives through movement.  A place where all humans are Embraced, unconditionally.  A place to come and Embrace oneself, unconditionally.  We are dedicated to spreading awareness throughout the community in hopes of allowing each person to have access to tools and healing to support their individual growth.  Embrace Movement Studio is committed to teaching healing through movement, and being present in the body.  We believe when we learn to just "Be", we move our body differently, and this is the space that heals.

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105c W Wall St. Harrisonville, MO 64701, USA


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